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The teacher's personality and its impact on student behavior

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  • The teacher's personality and its impact on student behavior

    The world today has developed a lot and in all areas of life thanks to the innovations and methods that science has reached, all of which are devoted to serving-man and respecting his humanity through the services provided to him. The credit for all of this is due to the education and its methods that are used in preparing and educating young people and the correct education that qualifies him to be a successful person who benefits himself, his people, and his country.
    The school is one of the most important social institutions that play an important role in the life of students. The school environment is more diverse and wider than the home environment, more subject to the developments of the external community than the home, and is more sensitive and in response to these developments. It leaves strong effects on students ’attitudes, habits, and opinions, but it is one of the important stages that students cross from home to the wider community.
    The school, at its various levels, is concerned with developing students ’personalities from all sides to make them capable of social harmony. It also has a role in determining students’ scientific and professional tendencies. The school achieves for them different colors of social activity that help them in the speed of growth and maturity
    There is consensus among educators that the teacher is one of the main factors affecting the behavior and personality of students, if not the most important of them all.
    The teacher is the most important element in the school and his personality has a great influence on the behavior of students, as good educational positions cannot be achieved without him and his role in the collective leadership of the school which is a very important role, as he is the most contact person with students because of his presence with them for a short time and his continuous interaction with them must That their values ​​and behavior be personally affected by his characteristics and his manner of dealing inside and outside the classroom.
    The teacher who has personal characteristics desirable from his students is more able to bring about changes in their behavior and is more able to arouse their interest and direct them to the correct desired direction. The positive relationships that exist between the teacher and his students provide the opportunity to learn how to lead and guide themselves following the example of their teachers, as the characteristics that the teacher enjoy and their favorites, including his elegance and elegance, which he cares about, his calmness, balance, and sense of responsibility, make them follow him as they are at this age stage passing through a period of transition They affirm themselves and seek to imitate the behavioral patterns of the adults they have been affected by.
    The personality of the teacher and the way he treats his students affects the determination of their attitudes a lot towards their teachers and the school and working life in the future. Among the features that the teacher’s personality must have is his good treatment of his students, not differentiating between them and encouraging them because the teacher is cheerful and loves his students. The teacher’s personality is distinguished and respected in society. Every reprimand and contempt is to set an example for his students to follow in their lives.